Loyal dog chases ambulance to stay with his homeless owner

In a touching demonstration of loyalty, a small dog was caught on camera chasing an ambulance in a desperate attempt to be with his sick companion.

Both the little dog and his human live on the street, so they only have each other. However, a dog named Spike showed respectable loyalty after his young owner was taken away by ambulance.

Shortly after picking up a sick, homeless person on the streets of Tagratinga, Brazil, ambulance staff noticed a dog desperately following them. The poor little soul was so worried at his companion’s plight that he was willing to risk his life trying to keep up with the ambulance.

“In my 19 years in this profession, I have never witnessed such a scene,” emergency worker Celiosmar Ferreira told Correio Braziliense newspaper. “We are very emotional and concerned by the safety of the animal, who may have been run over.”

The emergency crew didn’t know the dog watching them was the man’s best friend. But they realized it once they had stopped on their way. Ferreira said: “When we stopped at an intersection, he came to stand in front of the ambulance. “That’s when we decided to pick him up.”

The dog immediately jumped in, and he looked very concerned about his friend’s health. When they arrived at the hospital, the loyal dog did not leave his human. Fortunately, it turned out that nothing serious had to do with the young man’s state of health, so soon he and his four-legged friend were able to leave.

The young man may not be living in the best conditions, and he does not have any material possessions, but he is undoubtedly richer than many people to have such a friend! Watch the little dog’s journey below: