Loyal Dog Stands Guard For Over A Month Outside Home Where He Last Saw His Family

The Florida house hadn’t been entered in weeks, but Salvatore didn’t give up. Every day, the dog waited patiently in a patch of grass outside the door, watching over the foreclosed house and hoping that his family would come back.

When Gloria Cabal, a local dog rescuer, saw Salvatore at his post, she knew she had to do something.


Cabal tried for more than a month to get Salvatore to come to her by giving him water, food, and treats. However, the scared dog didn’t want to leave his yard.

When a new realtor told Salvatore to go to a nearby park, he finally realized that his family wasn’t going to come back. Savaltore went up to Cabal and asked her to take him to the Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, where he would be safe.

Denise Guevara, who works for Everglades Angels, told The Dodo that the man was very careful about his yard. “He was basically watching over his property, but not in a mean or fierce way.”


Salvatore felt safe at the rescue, and he got along well with the helpful staff right away. The people who worked at Everglades Angels were very sad that the dog, who loved people, had been left alone.

“He is a volunteer favorite,” Guevara said. “From what we could tell, he had a family when he was young.”


Salvatore used to be afraid of strangers, but he changed and became one of the shelter’s most cuddly residents. He would always ask for pets and jump up on the couch so he could cuddle on people’s laps.

Guevara said, “He’s a real, real sweetheart.”


Salvatore is now up for adoption through Everglades Angels, and the staff is sure he will find a home soon.

Salvatore will get a second chance with a family who will never leave him behind because so many animal lovers didn’t give up.