Loyal Dog Waited Here For Weeks For His Dad To Come Back

He was able to bid farewell in the most charming way at last.

At Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, the Philippines, a stray dog by the name of Buboy has been sitting outside the faculty office for the last two weeks. The dog bangs on the door in anticipation of his favorite human opening it to offer him some food or a scratch behind the ear.

The workers and children at the school are inconsolable at the sight of the mottled puppy waiting clumsily since they know his father won’t be returning.

After a few weeks in the hospital, Professor Carmelito Marcelo, who had been caring for Buboy for the past four years, passed away on Saturday following a stroke.

The dog followed the professor everywhere, according to Kristina Demafelix, Marcelo’s colleague. At the gate in the morning, Buboy would welcome the professor and follow him from class to class. Together, they had lunch in the faculty office, and the dog would drop the teacher off at the gate after a long day.


Marcelo visited his dog even when he didn’t have class. In a statement on FB, Demafelix stated, “[He] considered you family.” “Sir will go to school to look at you and give you food when he has no courses,” the speaker said.


When the professor was in the hospital, Demafelix first observed the dog hanging out in the faculty member’s office. But when Buboy didn’t move, Demafelix made the decision to assist the anxious animal in finding solace.

Demafelix posted on FB, “You can’t describe all the pain since you don’t know what happened. He “suddenly didn’t go to school,” but you are still awaiting him outside the faculty [room], where you are constantly expecting him, to arrive.


On Tuesday, Demafelix took Buboy to Marcelo’s wake so the dog could say his final goodbyes to his dear pal.


Buboy paid his respects while seeing his pal as he lay in the casket. But when it was time to go, the dog stood its ground. Demafelix said on the internet, “Buboy doesn’t want to get go of the coffin of sir Marcelo.”


The professor is no longer here, so the faculty and staff are banding together to take care of Buboy as a whole. Demafelix posted on FB that “the school is the one who became his home” and that “everyone of the school is concerned about Buboy.”