Mother cat brought the newborn puppy in and left him with her kittens

It is often said that dogs and cats are sworn enemies, but they are not born to hate each other. Animals don’t see differences the way humans do. They can always be loving and compassionate as long as they really want to.

This may be one of this family’s happiest moments as their dog and cat gave birth almost simultaneously, only the dog was a little later. And out of curiosity, they suddenly came up with the idea of ​​showing a newborn puppy with their tabby to see how she would react.

This action is not recommended as the cat may intentionally hurt the puppy, but it seemed like they knew their kitten, and they are sure that wouldn’t happen. And thankfully, they were right.

The puppy was still tiny and wet when it came out, which meant he had just come out of his mother’s belly not long ago. A girl wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the cardboard box where the mother cat was lying with her new kittens.

Since babies couldn’t regulate their own body temperatures, it’s important to stay close to their mothers during the first few days of their lives. The girl didn’t put him in the box right away. Instead, she chose to let them get to know each other first.

At first, the cat was quite confused. She sniffed curiously at the stranger but remained calm. After just a few seconds, her motherly instincts kicked in, and she quickly let him in to be with her babies. Truly a sweet girl. Seriously, her reaction could melt anyone’s heart.

The puppy integrated into the cat family surprisingly quickly, acting as if it was born to be part of the gang. The mama cat also continued to care for her kids, as if the interruption hadn’t happened at all and the dog was indeed her children. She is clearly a wonderful mother.

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