Mama Dog Was Sad When 7 Pups Pass In Fire. Then They Showed Mama A Litter Of Orphans

Jessica was fond of animals when she was a child. When her barn was on fire, she had to deal with the most tragic moment of her life.

Jessica’s barn caught fire accidentally in February 9th 2017. Several animals were killed in the fire, including four goats, a pig, and seven puppies. When the incident happened, the puppies were just 3 weeks old.

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Daisy, a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie cross, rushed to rush inside the barn to save her puppies as soon as the fire broke out. But the fire had spread too swiftly, and Jessica had no choice but to hold Daisy back, lest she succumb to the flames as well.

Everything was over in a matter of minutes since the fire spread so quickly. Jessica and Daisy felt helpless in the face of this situation, and their hearts ached as a result. Daisy’s sorrow deepened over the next few days, and she would frequently walk over to the burned-out barn and weep for her puppies. Jessica was devastated by the sight of Daisy in such mental distress. The sooner she took action, the better, as she realized that she couldn’t risk losing Daisy as well.

Jacque Barnett, Jessica’s sister, posted a need for orphan puppies on FB that they could take in and raise as their own. Unbeknownst to them, Chloe, the 5-year-old dog of Lorna Murphy, had recently perished after giving birth to eight puppies.

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The women on both sides agreed to turn their tragedies into joy for their dogs, and a meeting was quickly arranged for Daisy to meet the new puppies. Daisy’s maternal instincts kicked in right away, and she started feeding the puppies.

Daisy cared for the puppies for several weeks, until they were all weaned from their mothers. The majority of the puppies were returned to their owners, with the exception of the runt of the litter, who was given the name Benji.

The fact that Daisy has found some happiness after her awful loss, and that Lorna’s puppies have found a new mother after their own mother went away, makes us very glad.

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