Man Accidentally Unleashes A Flood Of Sheep Into His Backyard

Although Scott Russo doesn’t own any sheep, he unknowingly took on the role of shepherd to a large flock of sheep one evening this week.

It was quite funny.


In the city of Lincoln, California, where Russo resides, a program uses flocks of sheep to graze on overgrowth on public land. The wooly employees were engaged in their work that evening in the open area behind Russo’s house, but he made a serious error.

To allow his young girls to observe the sheep in action, he left a gate in the fence enclosing his garden open.

According to Russo, “I genuinely didn’t believe one sheep would stick its head in.” “It was lovely when three and four entered. When I opened my eyes again, the yard was packed.”

Here is video of what transpired next and the lighthearted approach Russo took to the issue:

As you can see, Russo had a lot on his plate because as soon as one sheep wandered into his yard, many others did the same (as is their nature). But they managed to restore the flock to its original location safely thanks to his wife’s assistance, who was playing a tambourine from a distance.

Russo said that nobody was wounded and that the only damage was a broken corn hole board and that the whole situation had taught him a lesson. I won’t leave the gate unlocked once more.