Man Asks A Vet To Put Down His 18-Year-Old Puppy For Being ‘Stupid’

Figgy, a Poodle, was abandoned at a veterinarian office by his former owners who depressingly claimed that he was “stupid.” Figgy is toothless and blind. Who is capable of such behavior?

The senior dog was taken to a vet clinic, which is maybe where he ended up. Muttville Senior Canine Rescue in San Francisco, California, was fortunate enough to save the bewildered and fearful dog.

When he arrived there with his documents, the staff and volunteers were shocked to find why he had been left behind: Since “he’s foolish,” the wife of his owner “doesn’t like him.” Incredible!

Furthermore, based on the documentation, it doesn’t seem like they owned the poor little puppy for very long. He might have lived in several different houses in the past.

But thanks to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Figgy was finally surrounded by people who actually cared about him. This old dog eventually received the best news of all: he was heading to a permanent home!

Figgy will receive care from Eileen, a seasoned hospice nurse, for the balance of his days. We are ecstatic to see that this adorable dog will eventually learn what it means to experience unwavering love.