Man breaks down in tears when reunited with his missing emotional support dog

After a three-day search, a Watsonville, California, elderly man has finally been reunited with his dog. When the local police return with his emotional support partner and knock on his door, the poor man can’t keep back the tears. One of the officers captured the emotional scene on camera, and it demonstrates just how bonded a human being and a dog can be!

FB/Watsonville Police Department

The man, identified as Gary, reported his dog missing on Saturday. The man was distraught since Arrow—a lovely Champion Doberman Pinscher—is his emotional support dog. Though the details of how the dog went away are unknown, he was spotted walking the streets by a lady who brought him home. Later, the police located the compassionate woman and they made possible this heartbreaking reunion.

FB/Watsonville Police Department

In the heartfelt footage, Officer Angel Hernandez can be seen knocking on Gary’s door, accompanied by Arrow. When he sees his best buddy, the man can’t believe what he’s witnessing.

“Oh my God, how did you do this? ” the man asks, his eyes welling up with tears.” “As I previously stated, I would locate him for you,” officer Hernandez responds. “Where have you been, Arrow?” “My friend,” the guy adds, his eyes welling up with tears. He then extends his hand to the officer and expresses gratitude. “Thank you, Angel; you are such a beautiful man,” he adds.

FB/Watsonville Police Department

Many people were moved by the touching reunion in the video, which was originally posted online by Watsonville Police. According to the police report, “Officer Angel Hernandez reunited Gary with his best friend amid nothing but tears of joy.”

Watch this heartwarming video below.