Man Dives Into Flash Flood, Loads His Boat With Animals

Without assistance, these animals would have been in significant jeopardy.

Many southern states, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi, saw record flash flooding in 2016. More than 23 inches of rain caused the flooding. Thousands of people and animals had to leave their homes.

In the midst of mayhem, two men in Hernando, Mississippi, recognized the plight of animals and took action.


At that time, Frankie Williams, a 26-year-old plumber and landscaper, told The Dodo, “my brother and I kept observing various creatures making their way out of the flooded woods into a meadow in front of our house.”

“We were able to take a small boat out into the flooded woods to explore. Many mice, rats, and rabbits were saved while driving through flooded fields on our route to the woods “he commented.


There was little else they could do but hold on to anything they could find in order to avoid being swept away by the rising floodwaters. Raccoons, on the other hand, were able to climb higher into trees to find safety.


As a result, Williams and his brother traveled around, scooping up every struggling animal they encountered. The animals were released after the water levels began to recede.

“I had a strong affinity for the outdoors as a child,” Williams explained. “I hate seeing any animal suffer.”

Below is a video of the perilous rescue mission.