Man Finds Rare Mirror-Like Scarab Beetle While on a Stroll

Michael Farmer was wandering around his Costa Rican property when he noticed something unusual on the leaves of a guava tree: a small metal object that appeared to be in motion. Chrysina limbata, a species of scarab beetle, was in his hand when he picked it up to determine what it was.

This colorful beetle pretended to be dead long enough for Farmer to get stunning photographs of its reflective shell. “I was astounded by its beauty,” he admits. “[I’ve] never seen anything like it.” Several photographs depict the beetle functioning as a mirror. The farmer describes the reflection in the beetle as “absolutely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

Due to habitat destruction and collectors, these beetle sightings are becoming increasingly rare, making this meeting all the more precious. Thankfully, Farmer placed the anacamptic bug back on a leaf, and it flew away immediately. Although Farmer is “not much of an insect person,” he was “still awestruck by it. Can’t wait to see the next one.”

Michael Farmer stumbled found a Chrysina limbata reflecting beetle by mistake while out on a stroll. Before returning the bug to its perch on the guava tree, he was able to acquire these photographs.