Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Find A Random Cat Cuddling Him

Andrew Falloon’s dad had surgery not too long ago, and he’s been at home getting better ever since. But even though doctors’ orders to stay in bed for a long time can feel a little confining at times, Falloon’s dad hasn’t been in this situation by himself.

Someone in the area must have heard that Dad could use some company, and they offered to help in the nicest way possible.

Falloon told The Dodo, “My mom went out to do a few things and left one of the doors slightly open.” “When she got home, Dad and this cat were both curled up on the couch.”


The way the random cat showed affection was sweet, but it wasn’t quite a one-sided cuddle. Even though he was sleeping, Falloon’s dad ended up holding hands with the unexpected guest as they both fell asleep. He had no idea the whole time.

“My dad hasn’t always liked cats, so I think he was as surprised as anyone when my mom woke him up,” Falloon said.

After a while, Falloon’s parents found out that the cat’s name is Ziggy. He’s a friendly cat in the neighborhood who sometimes stops by other people’s houses to say hello.

But on this day, it was more like him coming to your house.


And when he woke up? Falloon said, “Dr. Ziggy stayed around for a little kiss, but then he had to go to his next appointment.”

It’s hard to say how much Ziggy’s spontaneous cuddle session may have helped Falloon’s dad get better. But we all know that spending time with a sweet cat is always good for the soul.

“Dad is really getting better now that he’s had his surgery,” Falloon said.