Man returned to adopt dog he rescued, and the pup couldn’t be happier

Marine Joey Wagner was on duty when he heard a dog’s cries. When he arrived, the mange-covered puppy already had its head in Mr. Wagner’s hands with no sign of life left in it! Mr. Wagner took action right away! He immediately took him to an emergency veterinarian for medical treatment and thankfully enough, his quick thinking saved this pup’s life.

Source of Image: YouTube

When it came to giving Mojo away, the medical team was opposed to this. They called upon a very special person to see if he would welcome Mojo into his home. It was clear that he had opened his heart. As you can imagine, he had a lot of love and compassion for the animal in question….

Source of Image: YouTube

Wagner returned to the clinic to see his puppy and was greeted with a very special welcome. As soon as he saw Wagner, it was impossible for Mojo not to recognize him – his reaction proved that! It must have been a brilliant decision of Wagner’s future housemate when they decided on this adoption from their shelter instead of buying one from the store.

Mojo is three years old now, and he is doing great. He is a very happy young man, and he resides with his family. He is quite pampered, and we are totally fine with that.

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