Man Reunites With Dog He Saved 2 Years Ago And Is Shocked By Her Transformation

Early in the year 2020, Kieran Hedley was on a beach in Bali, Indonesia, with a friend when it started to rain. When they got to a nearby temple, they heard people dancing and singing as they went inside.

In the middle of all the noise, Hedley saw a small dog with scabs that wouldn’t leave a torn piece of cardboard on the ground.

Hedley knew he had to do something for her.

He told The Dodo, “I felt like it was important.”


Hedley thought the dog had been left near the box and was staying put because she was sure her owner would come back for her.

His heart hurt for the dog who was all alone. Hedley called his friend at Bali Paws, an organization that helps find homes for stray animals, to figure out what to do. Hedley wrapped the dog in his T-shirt and took her back to the villa where he was staying. He was glad to know that he had expert help on his side.

He started to notice how bubbly she was and began to call her “Bubbles.”


Bubbles’ skin condition was treated and she got the shots she needed thanks to Bali Paws. Hedley helped Bubbles get used to being around people who cared for her during her first two weeks in the villa.

Hedley said, “Those first two weeks were some of the most inspiring times of my life.” “Falling asleep while watching this beautiful little puppy who was so shy, scared, and fragile.”


Bubbles soon felt better about himself. The dog used to hide in the corner, but now it’s always running around and begging to play.

About two months later, when the COVID-19 pandemic got worse, Hedley had to make the hard choice to leave Bali. He couldn’t take Bubbles with him, so he worked hard to find her a loving, permanent home.

Hedley eventually met a woman from Italy who was traveling to Bali and was excited to make a new friend. The woman met Bubbles during her last days in Bali, and they eventually went back to Italy together.

Two years later, Hedley went to Italy and found Bubbles there. Bubbles was happy to see her old friend and started licking him right away. Hedley couldn’t believe how far the dog had come.

Hedley said, “Getting to see Bubbles again was one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me.” “She changed in every way.”


Bubbles is now doing well with her new family, and Hedley is a big reason why. Hedley will always remember the sweet dog who beat the odds.

“She made a lot of good things happen in my life,” Hedley said. “Every time I think about her, she gives me new ideas.”