Man saves dog and makes it believe in love again

Kola Kariola is a Romanian animal lover who is dedicated to helping animals in need. He and his wife are lovely people and treat animals kindly. He now owns a YouTube channel full of animal res.cue videos.

Last year, Kariola had the opportunity to res.cue a dog from the side of the road. When he found the p.oor dog, he was sho.cked to see what had happened to him. He was left with only skin and bones from being a.ban.doned and star.ving for days.

We are sure that those who did not help this p.oor dog must have hearts of stone. But fortunately, the kind man with a generous heart saved the dog, brought it home, and cared for him.

However, ter.rible things in the past make him afraid of people. Even when brought to a safe place, he is worried and does not trust anyone. Kariola tried to bathe him to get rid of the dirt on him.

Then he gave the dog a few kisses and cuddles to make it feel safe and comfortable. The dog started to trust more when the man started kissing his muzzle.

After bathing, the dog was given food and a cozy place to sleep. After all, he comes out of the shell and shows off his sweet personality. He now has a loving home and the wonderful family he deserves.

We cannot understand why people are so cru.el to the animals they got and then a.ban.don them. No dog should suf.fer like this. Thank you to the kind person who saved this beautiful dog. He’s so precious. God bless you in this great work. We really want him to be happy and to feel loved.