Man Sees A ‘Witch’ Flying On Her Broomstick — Then Realizes Who It Really Is

One neighborhood in Eureka, Illinois, saw an unexpected visit from a sinister thing flying above their homes as the leaves began to turn and autumn arrived. Nothing seemed spookier to Eric Lind and his neighbors than what at first glance appeared to be a witch flying through the sky on a broomstick despite the streets being adorned with Halloween decorations.

Lind told The Dodo, “My mom got a call from one of the neighbors urging her to look outdoors in the backyard.


Lind’s mother happened to be looking out the window when the item dove into a pine tree for some rest. She noticed a visitor in her yard right away, and as she turned around, she was astounded at who was staring back at her.

“[She] saw an owl,” Lind reported. “And discovered it to be pulling a stick horse.”


The owl appeared to be doing the next best thing—proudly flying the children’s stick horse toy around for his neighbors to see—despite the fact that he couldn’t consume the item.

For as long as they could, Lind and his family watched the owl ride his horse toy around the neighborhood before he finally flew away.

According to Lind, “He flew from the pine tree to a nearby power pole.” Then he started running through the neighborhood.

Lind informed his neighbors about the bizarre yet entertaining encounter by posting a video of the owl on FB.

The video is accessible here:

The feedback on Lind’s film has been perfect for the upcoming Halloween season, with comments highlighting how much the owl resembles a witch.

Numerous allusions to Halloween and Harry Potter have been made, according to Lind.

The owl that briefly scared Lind’s neighborhood isn’t merely a transient resident, though. He is a member of a family of owls that has been residing there, according to Lind, for around six months.

Lind stated, “[We] watch them glide from tree to tree, occasionally swooping down to look something up on the ground.

The owls kept Lind’s family amused all summer long, but nothing compared to the gasps and giggles they caused this October. Lind and his family are ready and waiting for other eerie shocks even if the owl has since moved on from the stick horse.