Matted Rescue Dog Gets A Makeover That Reveals The Cutest Face

Irie was a little ball of matted fur when she was rescued by a local animal shelter. The panicked Maltese mix’s face and torso were wrapped in knots, rendering her unrecognizable. She required a makeover to feel more like herself again, and perhaps to also find a home.

So, shortly before Rhode Home Rescue assumed responsibility for Irie, the shelter shaved her.

And what they observed behind the hair stunned everyone.


Irie’s foster mother, Hillary Gillinder, told The Dodo, “Animal control did a phenomenal job on her haircut.” “She allowed them to shave her for approximately 45 minutes before she became anxious. When she returned home, the remaining tasks had to be completed in short bursts there and at my house.

No one knew anything about Irie’s past or how her fur became so matted, but they worked diligently to free her gorgeous face from the tangled mess.


After the large clumps of hair were removed, Irie was left with a few mats that required cutting with scissors. Now that her hair is coming back, she will soon require another trim. In the interim, she continues to work on gaining the ability to trust people who care for her.

“She is really scared of male dogs and men in general,” Gillider explained. We don’t know exactly what happened to her before she came to us, but all we can do now is help her grow and make amends with love and compassion.


The 11-pound dog is often quiet, but occasionally enjoys car rides and stuffed toys. Gillander uses music to alleviate her anxiousness.

Gillinder said, “I’m very proud of how far she’s come since I first acquired her.” “She began avoiding my presence and even barked at me through her kennel. She now follows me everywhere and enjoys jumping on the couch and rolling in the nice blankets!”


Irie will eventually let her personality show through, but at least she will no longer be weighed down by mats.

“It’s sad to consider everything she must have endured,” said Gillinder. “Her life will be more difficult than that of most canines. However, she is desperate to be adopted into a forever family.”