Mäuschen and Muschi: The 10-Year Bond Between a House Cat and Bear

An unexpected friendship between Mauschen and Muschi attracted worldwide attention.

The world was fascinated by the ten-year friendship between a stray black house cat named Muschi and a 43-year-old hairy Asian bear named Mauschen. “Panda, Gorilla & Company” was the name of a television program that featured the unusual couple from the Berlin Zoo.

The enormous bear and the small black cat were united for a decade, sharing food and a house. Nobody, however, knew where Muschi originated. She was a stray that showed up one day in Mauschen’s enclosure.

“She appeared from nowhere in 2000, and we decided to leave them together because they got on so well,’ said Heiner Kloes, who worked at the Zoo.

“They sunbathed together and shared meals of raw meat, dead mice, fruit, and bread,” she continued.

Two Old Souls

Thus, it appeared as if the two individuals were old souls who recognized one another, perhaps from a previous existence.

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Extraordinary Bond Between Mauschen and Muschi

The cat and the bear were a sensation at the zoo. Daily, regular visitors observed their activities. According to German news reports, Mauschen, which hilariously translates to “small mouse,” swiftly adopted and defended Muschi, which means “pussy.”

“Mäuschen ‘adopted’ the little visitor immediately and defended her against attacks from other bears.”

The Zoo concludes that love triumphs.

As they worked to improve Mauschen’s enclosure, zookeepers once separated the strange couple. During this time, the senior bear was separated from the cat in a temporary holding room.

Muschi got distraught and made it known to the zookeepers that she wanted to be with her companion.

“But [Muschi] screamed so long and intensely for several nights that the zoo board decided: love wins.”

Soon after, they permitted Muschi to see the bear’s temporary cage.

“They greeted each other and had a cuddle, and now they’re happy,’ said Heiner Kloes, who worked at the Zoo.

“They welcomed one other and cuddled, and now they’re happy,” said Zoo employee Heiner Kloes.

Unbelievably, the Asian bear lived with Muschi for 43 years. Thereafter, zookeepers continued to care for the cat.

In the following documentary, you may observe Mauschen and Muschi interacting and playing together.

Another Black House Cat and Bear Become the Big Attraction

The Zoo’s partners became famous over a decade. The interspecies connection has made a black house cat a celebrity over time.

Similarly, a female black cat with the moniker Little Bear debuted at the California sanctuary of the Folsom Zoo. There, the cat formed a home with Sequoia and Tahoe, two bears.

“The cat pretty much ignored female Tahoe, but apparently the female cat, now called Little Bear by a Zookeeper, is working to becoming male bear Sequoia’s new best friend. Often when Sequoia takes a hike through the “bear forest,” his cat friend walks with him. She rubs against walls, and visitors can hear her raspy purr from quite a distance,” wrote the Zoo’s website.

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Sequoia, like Mauschen, was an elderly bear weighing over 500 pounds.

Similar to Berlin Zoo’s Muschi, the stray black cat from California became a major attraction. The senior cat enjoyed hanging out with the bear in the shade, keeping cool. Observers could not believe their eyes as they enjoyed their time together. These two extremely distinct animals adored one another as though they had always been together.

See Little Bear and her enormous companion Sequoia below from Humanity: