Meet Beth and Bluebell: the new dogs of Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth II was known for her affection for dogs. During her reign, she had around thirty canine friends, with Corgis being her favorite breed.

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At the time of her death, the queen possessed two Corgis and one Dorgi, which will now be cared for by Prince Andrew at his residence in Windsor. As King Charles III and his wife Camilla assume the throne, they bring their own pet dogs with them.

If you have never seen Charles and Camilla’s pets before, meet Beth and Bluebell, their two lovely Jack Russell Terriers.

Camilla got the dogs in February 2017 from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London, and they have been cherished family members ever since.

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The beautiful Bluebell (left) and Beth (right)    Photo: Clarence House Instagram

Camilla praised canines in a former interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, stating, “The beautiful thing about dogs is that you can sit them down, have a nice long talk, be angry or sad, and they’ll just sit there gazing at you and wagging their tail.”

The queen also discussed meeting Beth and Bluebell at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home: “Along I went to Battersea, and Beth emerged, and she had just been transported from pillar to post and dumped,” she disclosed.

“We felt it would be wonderful for her to have a buddy. Two or three weeks later, they discovered [Bluebell] walking around in the woods with no hair, covered in sores, and practically dead. They nursed her back to health, and her hair grew back. She’s really sweet, but a tad neurotic, should we say.

According to the BBC, the Queen Consort stated that the dogs like children and are permitted “almost anywhere” with the exception of the bed.

Bluebell and Beth will not be able to visit Buckingham Palace for some time, as the building is undergoing renovations, so they will temporarily dwell with Charles and Camilla at their London residence, Clarence House.

Bluebell and Beth have already been seen by the public when they adorned the cover of Country Life’s July 2022 issue. The couple looked very adorable while wearing Camilla’s pearl necklaces.

King Charles had owned a Jack Russell named Tigger, who passed away in 2002 and was buried on the grounds of his rural estate, Highgrove House.

Charles with his dog Tigger in 1988

As dogs of the British queen, beth and Bluebell will now follow in the footsteps of the late Queen’s favorite pets.

Elizabeth II has historically referred to her dogs as “family”; her Corgis accompanied her on tour and were featured prominently in one of her official 90th birthday photos.

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The Queen at Aberdeen airport with her corgis

We anticipate seeing additional of Beth and Bluebell in the future.