Meet Freddy. He’s over 7-feet tall and is the biggest dog in the world

Welcome to the world, Freddy! According to Guinness World Records, the 7-foot Great Dane is the world’s largest dog. As a puppy, the owners of Freddy had an idea of how big he would grow up to be. The average Great Dane can weigh up to 190 pounds and stand 33 inches high. Nothing could have prepared them for what was to happen.


It would be an understatement to say that Freddy exceeded expectations in terms of dimensions. Freddy is taller than most humans and weighs more than 200 pounds when he stands on his hind legs. Although Freddy’s massive size would terrify everyone who comes into contact with him, his owner Claire claims he is the sweetest dog ever.


He’s a friendly giant who loves to be around humans and gets along well with dogs that are just a fraction of his size. Because he’s good with kids, Freddy is a favorite of Claire and her two young children. Surely there’s no one who isn’t?

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