Meet Mya, The Pomeranian-Husky Mix That Looks Just Like A Little Fox

I think it’s unfair that humans are mostly forced to admire foxes from afar, as they’re so adorable. For a variety of reasons, they’re elusive and very hard to tame.

It is usually not possible for a person to have a fox as their pet. Thankfully, we have found an alternative option thanks to the illustrious “fox dog”, which is formally known as a Pomeranian-Husky mix, or Pomsky. This regal red canine has a resemblance to the Mozilla Firefox icon as a shiny sun-baked Pok√©mon.

It is her coppery fur, piercing blue eyes, and regal grace that have given her a fox-like quality. The internet has been caught up in infatuation with this precious creature who looks effortlessly elegant. She gives off an intense gaze which would leave anyone hypnotized by it’s power.

As of right now, South Florida’s Dave Lasio is among the most beloved picture-taking pet owners in the world. The Metro has written his Instagram famous pup has amassed more than 50,000 followers! The universal acclaim this photogenic puppy pal has received makes total sense once you get a glimpse of his photographs.

We have selected a few of our favorite pictures from her Instagram page. Enjoy!