Meet the Couple Who Built a Ginormous Bed So They Can Spend The Night with All Eight of Their Rescue Dogs

Have you ever wondered about the lengths that some people go to show love and affection for their canine companions?

While many dog owners are surprisingly strict when it comes to sleeping arrangements, others allow their dog’s free reign over their bed at night and often find themselves clamoring for space due to the space invading dogs who stretch out during the night.

While most dog owners would be comfortable with one dog curled at the end of the bed, or maybe two, with a little one nestled in between the pillows, how would you feel about having EIGHT dogs joining you every night? Yes, I really did say eight!

Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve all experienced a paw in the side of the face or ahead where we’re least expecting it in the middle of the night, but can you imagine what it must feel like to try and fight for space amongst eight dogs?

Chris and Mariesa Hughes, who runs a senior dog rescue program called The Mr. Mo Project, have eight beautiful rescue dogs of their own. Such is their love for their pooches that they decided to build a ginormous bed to accommodate two humans and eight dogs!

The couple was inspired to take the unusual step to build a custom bed for their home after many sleepless nights of being pushed aside by their dogs. Not wanting to choose who could sleep on the bed and who had to stay elsewhere, they decided to take the pro-active step to accommodate all of their canine companions.

Family friend and carpenter Mike Ford spent six months building a bed that stands at fourteen feet long and seven feet wide! It comprises one king-size and one double mattress and even comes with a doggy staircase at the foot to help the most senior dogs go to bed at night.

The size of the task wasn’t lost on Mike, who remembers that the headboard was so big that it didn’t even fit inside his workshop. He had to make some adjustments when it was already in the house.

The bed cost just short of $5,000, but according to Chris and Mariesa, it’s money well spent as they can now enjoy a great night’s sleep surrounded by their loving pooches.

Now that all of the family can sleep in the same bed, the only battle that occur every night is the fight for the prime position! Some of the dogs snuggle into their owners throughout the night, while others are happy curling up at the end of the bed with each other.

Chris and Mariesa’s rescue project is an inspiration to us all and just shows the lengths that some kind-hearted people are willing to go to give older dogs the chance of a peaceful and loving end to life.