Meet the Dog Who is So Grateful for Being Rescued, He Can’t Stop Hugging Every Human He Meets!

A simple hug can be a powerful sign of love and affection. It’s sometimes all you need, and all your problems fade away. It’s certainly Toro’s way of expressing his deep love and appreciation for having been rescued. 

Toro hasn’t always been quite the cheerful dog that he is now, though. Just a year ago, the sweet puppy was in dire straits. He was discovered in an abandoned home, tied to a fence by his cruel, heartless owners. His rescuers assumed he had lived his whole life outside, so it was understandable that when he actually arrived at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, it was a rude awakening, and it took a lot of time for him to adjust. 

Toro has been eligible for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter since October 2019 and has become best of friends with the staff and volunteers at the shelter. As the weeks passed, it became apparent that, underneath the terror and trauma, there was a dog with a lot of love to offer. 

Melissa Fogarty, a kennel supervisor, said of Toro: 

“Every time he comes out of the kennel, his first reaction is to hug the person walking him, and anyone, really, he comes in contact with.”

Despite his initial shyness and caution, it was obvious that he was a sweet, gentle-hearted puppy. He began to offer hugs to his rescuers, demonstrating how much he cared. 

Toro was doing everything he could to make sure his rescuers understood how much he loved them, despite his insecurities. They’ve shown him so much love and compassion that his huge heart just wants to burst. 

Toro, despite his nerves, has no qualms about expressing his gratitude to those who have made his new life possible. The rest of the hugs just kept on coming after the first one. Toro is now always giving hugs and melting everyone’s hearts. Toro clearly wants everyone to know how fortunate he is to be free of his tragic and unhappy life and to finally have all the love and care he’s always desired. 

He was adopted in January but returned to the shelter a few weeks later after it was determined that his new home was not a good match. Toro, thankfully, took it all in stride and refused to let the slight setback dampen his spirits. He continues to give hugs to everyone who will accept them as he waits for a new home. 

Toro is now on the lookout for his ideal forever family. It’s difficult to understand why a dog with Toro’s caring personality hasn’t found a home after a year. All he wants is to find a stable and calm environment in which he can feel loved and secure. 

Nonetheless, we are certain that when it comes to special dogs like Toro, it will only be a matter of time before he finds the caring forever home he so richly deserves.  We’re confident that his future forever family will notice him soon, given the amount of attention he’s receiving online. I’m hoping he discovers it as soon as possible!