Meet the judge dishing out creative justice for animals who have suffered a.buse at the hands of callous humans

There really are few things in life that are worse than animal a.buse. When humans inflict a.buse on helpless, innocent animals, the only hope we can have is that they’re brought to justice and made to answer for their horrendous crimes. 

Although sometimes people escape the sentences they deserve, one judge, in particular, ensures that humans who inflict cruelty on animals get their comeuppance.  Meet Ohio judge Michael Cicconetti, who recently shared a YouTube video in which he documents the times that he has stood up for voiceless animals when facing their a.busers in court. 

Although now retired, Michael made a habit of dishing out his own brand of creative justice to animal a.busers, which he hopes will teach people capable of animal cruelty a valuable lesson. In his own way, he attempts to give a.busers a taste of their own medicine while staying within the confines of the law. 

In one case, Judge Mike made a woman spend a whole day sitting at a dump after subjecting her dog to filthy and vile living conditions. After the hearing, Mike said: 

“I can’t interpret the thoughts of a dog, but boy, if dogs could tell you how they felt: abandoned, scared, frightened, and sick. Well, maybe you should get a little taste of that… I want you to sit there for eight hours tomorrow, to think about what you did to that dog while you smell the odor. If you puke, you puke.”

In another case in which Judge Mike tried to get justice for animals, he sentenced a woman who abandoned 35 kittens in the woods to jail time, a fine, and… a night in the woods on her own. His reasoning for this punishment was as follows: 

“How would you like to be dumped off at a metro park late at night, spend the night listening to the coyotes … listening to the raccoons around you in the dark night, and sit out there in the cold not knowing where you’re going to get your next meal, not knowing when you are going to be rescued?” 

Judge Mike is no longer active, which is a real shame for those of us who are totally inspired by his unique approach to justice for helpless animals. He spends his retirement caring for his Burmese mountain dog Kasey, but we will hopefully see more judges take inspiration from Mike and dish out their own form of justice to animal a.busers. 

While Judge Mike has received some criticisms for grandstanding when it comes to dishing out sentences to petty criminals and animal a.busers, we think he’s done a fantastic job and hopes others take inspiration from his sentencing! 

After all, the world needs more people like Mike and less callous animal a.busers. 

Watch the news report as it appeared on ‘News 5 Cleveland’