Meet the Last Dog in a Kansas Shelter After All Other Pooches Get Re-homed

Wayside Waifs, a Kansas City animal shelter, could not have expected the outpouring of support they would receive while planning their fall adoption case. The event drew such a large crowd that it lasted more than 19 hours!

A large number of people showed up to help the shelter, and by the end of the day, all but one of the shelter’s cats, dogs, and guinea pigs had been rehomed. What an incredible thing to hear! We so often hear heartbreaking stories about animals spending years in shelters without finding their forever home, but this Kansas shelter had an amazing result!

However, there was one pooch that was left behind. Kenny was his name, and he was left alone at the end of the event. He was still waiting to be adopted and hoping that he too would be able to join a loving family, like many of his canine companions who had found their forever homes.

Kenny’s background is unknown to staff and volunteers at the shelter, but he was moved to Wayside due to overcrowding at his last shelter. He quickly made himself at home, and caring for him has been a total ‘dream’ from the moment he arrived, such as his affable personality and ability to make friends with staff and dogs alike.

Staff describes him as a “fun, polite, and happy” dog who is “definitely a people dog,” so it’s a mystery why he was the only one who was ignored. On the other hand, Kenny remained his usual happy-go-lucky self, and although he loved all the extra attention he was receiving, he didn’t seem to mind. You often find that dogs are relatively happy in shelters, particularly when they’re shown undivided love and attention by staff.

Kenny is one of the best dogs you’ll ever meet! Playful and jovial. As a result, the shelter wanted to post some details about Kenny on the internet to see if anyone was interested!

The great news is that he didn’t have to wait long for someone to come forward. Afterword of Kenny’s story spread, a caring family stepped forward to provide him with the forever home he so richly deserves. While the shelter staff is sad to see him go, they are relieved that he will be a loving home, as are we!

Kenny and the other 203 animals have found new forever homes, and we wish them all the best! It’s truly wonderful to hear such a heart-warming happy ending for all of the dogs that were previously in the shelter’s care.

It has freed up space at the shelter for them to focus on welcoming more dogs into their care and finding them their forever homes. Hopefully, we see more acts of kindness and love when new dogs are brought to the center.