Meet The Mandarin Duck—The World’s Most Beautiful Bird (12 Pics)

Meet the Mandarin duck, which is frequently said to be the world’s most beautiful bird.

Because of its extremely vibrant feathers and distinctive form, it is unlike any other animal we have seen.

They’re still common in their native East Asia, but the UK has a sizable population as well.

A few of them escaped and formed their own feral colony after being brought over from China by the Mandarins in the 20th century. This enabled them to spread throughout the world, increasing their population in the process.

They are, as you can see from the pictures, a rainbow of hues. Bird with a red bill, a white crescent above its eyes, and an orange face.

Purple breasts with bronze-colored sides The top of the back is blue, with two orange’sails’ sticking up below it, similar to a boat sail.

This coloration is peculiar to the male of the species. Females are a slightly duller grey color, with a white stripe running from their eyes to their breasts.

It is conceivable to come across one of these gentlemen in North America, but they are quite unusual. You may recall Trevor, a ‘famous’ Mandarin duck from Vancouver who went viral.

Because these magnificent ducks lack natural predators in the west, there were concerns that they would become invasive when they were unintentionally brought.

Mandarin ducks breed and reside in densely forested environments, such as riverbanks.

Despite the fact that they can breed in valleys and at high altitudes, they prefer to breed at lower elevations as long as there is freshwater available.

In addition to plants and seeds, depending on the season, they have been known to eat snails, insects, and even tiny fish.

It is logging that poses the greatest threat to Mandarins. They do not have an endangered species listing.