Meet the Singing Vet Bringing Music to His Nervous Patients.

So many humans are scared of going to the emergency room for a check-up, even if we instinctively know there’s little seriously wrong with us. It’s only natural that our pets feel the same and going to see the vet can be extremely stressful, as our animal friends have no idea what’s happening to them.

When we’re choosing a vet, it’s vital to find someone who cares for our animals with a smile. However, Ross Henderson goes one further than just a simple smile.

In his father’s vet practice called Fox Hollow Animal Hospital, Ross serenades nervous animals that come in for treatment by singing and playing his guitar!

Although his lifelong ambition was to become a vet and help poorly animals, he also has an incredible passion and talent for music. He decided that he could combine both to have the perfect career, and that’s exactly what he does. Singing for animals is so rewarding, particularly when he sees their change in behavior after listening to his songs.

One of Henderson’s favourite jams is ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Elvis Pressley, and he is known to have sung it to dogs before they head into surgery. It’s incredible that such a small gesture has such a profound impact on the animals that come to the surgery for care, but it’s so touching to see that he’s able to make such an incredible contribution.

He initially started singing as he was saddened by how many dogs came to the practice clearly terrified by their situation. He strongly believes that music is an excellent way to calm animals down.

While some vets would be content with playing classical music on the radio, Henderson has gone one step further and ensures it’s the first thing that animals hear when they come to his family for treatment.

The veterinary practice has gained quite the reputation for its musical therapy, and pet owners travel from far and wide to ensure their pets receive the best care possible, as well as the awesome music from Ross.

This is such a great initiative when you think about it, and it’s incredible to see that such a small gesture goes a long way to improving a terrifying situation for scared animals. Instead of being alarmed about their situation, they quickly learn to relax, and it’s wonderful to hear that Ross has no plans of stopping his music.

I’m sure we can all agree that music is an excellent way of calming animals down, so we hope other vets read this and take inspiration from Ross and has family!
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