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Meet The Stunning Big-Pawed Canadian Lynx – One Of The Rarest Big Cats In The World

The beautiful big cat known as the Canadian Lynx is found throughout Alaska and Canada.

In spite of their resemblance to bobcats, they are distinguished by their large paws and long ear tufts.

These huge felines have dense fur and trapezoidal ears with black tufts. These lynx inhabit extremely cold and snowy environments that are difficult for most animals to traverse.

Not this Lynx however. The enormous, extra-furry paws of these cats act as their own snowshoes, allowing them to successfully cross the snow and seek prey.

Because their hindlimbs are longer than their forelimbs, the backs of these cats are sloping forward.

The Canadian lynx’s height and weight range is 5–17 kg. Few people are aware of the Canadian Lynx’s climbing and swimming abilities.

Despite being smaller than lions, these cats are nevertheless rather vicious.

Despite being a formidable large feline, the Canadian lynx’s screams are hauntingly similar to those of humans.

Two Canadian lynx are having an intensive talk.

Since 90% of these Canadian lynx’s diet consists of snowshoe hares, their population will increase alongside that of their prey.

These large cats frequently hunt at night, when snowshoe hares are the most active.

The fact that this huge cat appreciates the cold should not come as a surprise, given that its name contains the word “Canada.”

This lynx’s natural habitat is a taiga or boreal woodland. These types of forests are quite frigid, with temperatures frequently below freezing for more than half the year.

Like its cousins the Bobcat, Canadian Lynx enjoy alone. This explains the lynx’s fascinating moniker, “the grey ghost of the North.”

The Canadian Lynx was on the endangered species list for a time as a result of poachers hunting it for its fur.

Thankfully, the Canadian Lynx population has increased over time and is no longer considered an endangered species.