Military dog ‘refuses to let its retiring handler leave’ after spending day and night with the soldier for two years

Military dogs in China refused to let their trainers leave when their owner retired from service. This was an amazing period of time.

After racing after and wrapping its arms around the soldier, the dog appears to be trying to discourage him from leaving the barracks.

According to official media, Jia Chuan and his golden retriever, Da Mao, were inseparable after working side by side for the past two years.

Mr. Jia served in the army for eight years, and according to official television, he was about to retire.

A heartfelt farewell to his first search and rescue dog, Da Mao, was exchanged by the officer as he prepared to depart the post. Mr Jia and his dog got inseparable after working together for the previous two years, forming a tight friendship.

Following one final stroke of Da Mao, the officer handed the dog over to a colleague and walked away.

As it ran towards the man after freeing itself from the leash, the dog appeared to be preventing its master from leaving.

Da Mao then jumped into Mr. Jia’s arms and refused to let go of the officer’s grasp.

As soon as the dog’s new trainer tried to guide it away from the retiring soldier, it kept returning right back to him.

Many people were moved to tears after seeing this heartwarming scene, which was taken at an unnamed location and uploaded online. As one commenter put it, “This is making me cry.” “Can the officer get his dog?”

Another person exclaimed, ‘The cute puppy knows everything!’ ‘Warmest regards to the veteran.’

Xinjiang, in western China, witnessed another sorrowful farewell, this time from a sniffer dog named Bei Bei, who had a difficult time watching his master retire.

Video taken by a bystander in August shows the German shepherd biting into an officer’s duffle bag with its teeth and not letting go.

Trying to stop the door from closing, the hound pursued the moving car after his trainer said his final goodbyes.

Watch the heartwarming moment here:

T/H: Dailymail