Miracle puppy survives brutal stabbing thanks to her heroic adopter

Despite her painful past, Smoke the Pit Bull puppy shows no signs of it. Her trachea and carotid artery were stabbed at least seven times by her prior human. Smoke would not have survived if it weren’t for Brad Chambers’ good heart.

With his newfound joy, Smoke has become one of the loveliest canines anyone has ever seen. In spite of her injuries, she shows no signs of a traumatic past. Everything she’s accomplished so far would not have been possible without the assistance of her new favorite human, however.

The first time Chambers saw Smoke was when she ran under his truck while he was in Virginia. Upon approaching her, he discovered she was bleeding profusely on the ground. There was a good chance that she was hiding from the person who had hurt her. She suffered many stab wounds, and it appeared that she would not survive.

Because he had been a cop before, Chambers had a good idea of what to do in this situation. In his truck, he had a trauma kit, which saved the dog’s life. A nearby animal hospital was then summoned to treat her. Because of the severity of her injuries, she had to be flown out of state to the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine for treatment and healing.

“She has recovered fully from all surgeries, and she has tons of energy, and her loyalty is solid,” said Chambers.

At least $15,000 in medical expenses were incurred after all of her surgeries. Chambers bore a portion of the cost, but was able to raise the remainder through fundraising. The moment he saw Smoke, he knew he had to adopt her into his family.

Chambers adopted Smoke because he believes he is capable of providing her with the loving home she deserves. She has already emerged from her shell and demonstrated her true nature in his presence. As a result, Chamber is ecstatic to share his life with the adorable Pit Bull.

“She’s one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever met,” said Chambers. “This is a dog who needs to find a place that everyone around her is going to benefit from her lovingness, and yeah, I love dogs.”

Smoke is a loving dog who has now started training to become a certified therapy animal. Smoke can use her charming and uplifting attitude to help those in need with their emotional problems.

Smoke’s former owner has been found, and they are now facing animal cruelty charges. As soon as they had to forfeit ownership of the dog, that is when Chambers stepped in, giving her a perfect home. Now Smoke will never have to worry about getting hurt ever again.

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