Mischievous Baby Goat Finds A Trampoline, And Had The “Time Of His Life”

When it is time to play, the enjoyment is endless. This tiny child goat exemplifies how joyous life can be when one can find enjoyment in the smallest of things.

On a trampoline, this little goat was born one day. As inquisitive as goats are, he tested the trampoline and immediately realized he could jump up and down on it. It was time to enjoy oneself!

He kills it on the trampoline with his nimble-footedness and gorgeous prancing movement. Nothing in the universe could now stop him. This goat’s mother, like other mothers who watch over their young, remains behind to protect her youngling.

Mama goat was having so much fun on the trampoline that she began to gnaw on it as her youngster continued to jump and wiggle his tail.

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