Missing Senior Dog Finally Relaxes When He Hugs His Mom Again

When Miles went missing for the first time, his family went crazy. He got through an open door, and even though his family looked for him for a long time, they couldn’t find him. Miles is an older dog who has trouble seeing, so when he was gone for six weeks, his family feared the worst.

Miles was lucky, though, because he had a microchip. Good Samaritans found him and took him to the Fulton County Animal Services shelter, which is run by the LifeLine Animal Project. The shelter checked to see if he had a microchip and then told his family, who couldn’t believe it. It was the call they’d been waiting for and were afraid they might never get. When it finally came, they were so happy and relieved.

Lauren Ruiz, a PR specialist at LifeLine Animal Project, told The Dodo that Miles’ owner started crying when she heard that Miles had been found and was at the shelter within 30 minutes.


No one knows how Miles survived on his own for six weeks, but it’s clear that the little dog is very strong. He was dirty and needed a bath and grooming badly, but none of that mattered when his mom came to pick him up from the shelter.

“When she saw Miles again, she was happy and crying,” Ruiz said. “Miles was scared and confused when he was separated from his family, but he quickly calmed down and felt at ease once he was back with them.”

When Miles got to the shelter, he was confused and scared, but once he was back with his mom, everything was fine. After being apart for six weeks, they were closer than ever.


Miles is now back with his family where he belongs, thanks to a new microchip and the help of the community. Everyone is sure that with some rest, care, and love, he’ll be back to his old self in no time.