Mommy dog asks everyone on the street to help her babies

Mother’s love is powerful. No matter who it is, human or animal, a mother can do anything to save her child safely.

The dog in this story is a vivid example. She tries to reach people on the street, looking for someone who can help her babies.

Shelters for rescue dogs Mladenovac, based in Serbia, received a call for help saying that a dog was sleeping in a drainage pipe near the road.

Curiously, the dog only appeared when someone passed by, after which she escaped again. It was winter, so some of the pipes were covered with snow.

The team arrived at the scene, trying to look carefully, then found a pipe that had not been buried in the snow. They saw some footprints, and suddenly, a dog appeared and started running towards them. The stray dog ​​is not afraid of strangers, as if waiting for them to lend her a helping hand.

The team came up with the idea that they let the mother go through the pipe again, hoping that the puppies would follow the mother out. But the small ones are still in place.

At first, they took the mother dog to a safe place in their car before returning to the pipeline and using some food to lure the kids out, but to no avail. They cannot win their trust. It was getting dark, so the team had to get them out as quickly as possible.

In the end, after some effort, they managed to get all the pups out of the sewer pipe. The team brought them to their mother, and the family is fine now.

Before leaving the area, the team also checked the surroundings for any remaining stray dogs. Then they brought the dog family to their accommodation, preparing a warm place for them. The dogs will receive all the necessary treatments.

The three puppies are so cute. There are two boys and one girl. When they get older, they will be ready to be adopted as well as their mother.

The mother dog was very brave when she tried her best to protect her dear children.

They now have a safe place to stay so they don’t have to worry about struggling in cold weather. I hope that all will soon find a loving home forever.

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