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Monkey Known For His Love Of Saving Stray and Abandoned Cats

Positi, a monkey from Taiwan’s Shoushan National Nature Park, is well-known for his affection towards abandoned kittens. The monkey has successfully rescued six or more stray kittens.

Lin Chin-fu, a renowned Taiwanese macaque expert, has been on a mission to capture the kittens rescued by his monkey friend and provide them with the necessary medical attention, food, and forever homes.

This is a heartwarming tale about a guy and a monkey who team up to save as many abandoned kittens as possible.

“It is challenging for humans to separate the kittens from the monkey. We have spent a great deal of time with them, yet the task remains difficult. It takes two people to complete the task,” Lin explained as he lulled the kittens to sleep as if they were infant monkeys.

“The monkey is extremely compassionate toward the kittens. They are kept extremely clean and parasite-free.”

Lin typically spends many hours conversing with Positi in an effort to establish rapport and gain his trust.

“I sat here with the monkey from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. last time.”

After successfully capturing the kitten from its surrogate’mother,’ Lin took it to the veterinarian for an examination.

The vet remarked, “The monkey has done an excellent job of caring for it.” “Weighing approximately 300 grams, the kitten is rather thin. “Hope his weight increases the next time he visits.”

“Indeed, it will!” Lin replied with assurance.

Lin exhaled a sigh of relief and beamed with happiness when he observed the kitten receiving food and water, knowing that the cat would be okay.

The kitten’s name is Qiqi, and he currently resides with Lin, his everlasting human.

Lin has provided a home for four of the six kittens that Positi rescued. One did not survive, and the other was adopted by another family.

Regarding the monkey, he continues to reside in the park and care for stray kittens.