Monty has spent seven years in kennels and still no one wants to adopt him!

Monty was described as one of the “most ignored dogs in the country” at a rescue facility in Edenbridge, England.

Monty has spent the last seven of his eight years working at a rescue. The staff at Opportunity Pet Rescue are stumped as to why Monty has yet to find a forever home.

For the first year of his life, Monty was kept in a small cage. As a result of the horrible treatment and forgetting that he had suffered so early in life, he arrived to the rescue slumped over and with trust issues. Unfortunately, there isn’t much enthusiasm for Monty among potential adopters.

“Veterinarians believe that Monty’s arched back was caused by his previous owners’ long-term use of a crate that was too small for him. Since this has caused him to suffer from distrust issues, he will need somebody who can show him that not all people are bad, “his description on his fostering listing states.”

Monty enjoys both attention and cuddling with the group at the rescue, but has previously failed to quadrate with the other animals. Rather than that, he barked as he approached them. Given that he is still going to the shelter, he may now stroll past them without barking.

“Actually, Monty only wants one kind owner, he doesn’t want to share and can become really jealous which could lead him to be aggressive. He is not good with any kind of animal and will bark and also retreat towards them and must also have a muzzle in public places. Unfortunately, he gets so upset that he kicks you in the legs when he intends to get to various other pets, so his new owner has to be pretty solid. However, given that going to Last Chance Monty can currently walk calmly with a pet dog in sight, as well as not barking or kicking you on the legs, it will certainly take time to achieve in his new home. ”

Monty will undoubtedly thrive in a home without other pet dogs and with someone capable of continuing his training. He is an active dog that enjoys running and chasing tennis balls—he just does not bring them back.

” The reason we have had Monty with us for as long is that he is not a very easy pet dog but we are sure there may be someone out there he can call his own and also will like him of what he is, a somewhat harmed rogue! So to summarize we are seeking an adult only, bachelor residence with no other animals, great deals of persistence, love, yard and also tennis rounds! Lots of visits to hang out with him before fostering would certainly be needed, so someone not as well much from us would be excellent (unless you love long and also constant journeys)! If you feel you could be Monty’s ‘human’ please call us, we would love to speak with you.”

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