Mother dog and 3 puppies are saved from extreme weather

For homeless dogs, winter can be a nightmare as they search for food and shelter. Their lives have always revolved around survival. But sometimes, there are still kind people willing to help these poor creatures. The two women in this story who often feed their dogs on the street are kind-hearted people. One day, with their help, a mother dog and her puppies were saved.

They came to feed the stray dogs on a cold winter day. The herd consisted of about 15 dogs, all of whom were familiar. To make sure all the strays could get enough food for themselves, the women bought two bags of dog food.

While the feral dogs were enjoying their meal, they noticed something peculiar. By her breast, they understood that she had puppies somewhere. Then, they tried to follow her to the puppies’place.

It turned out that the puppies were on an island surrounded by a swamp. Despite the extreme cold, the swamp did not freeze much. As the weather gets warmer, it melts, raising the water level.

As a result, the puppies would stay on the island without food or water. Therefore, the urgent need to do immediately is to rescue this dog’s family. However, that was really hard to do with just two women, so they turned to ask for the help of their team.

Despite many difficulties, the team managed to reach the rescue position. But more importantly, they needed to make sure the dogs didn’t jump into the swamp when they were trying to save them.

They decided to handle the mother dog first because she was the only one who could run away to escape the team. And of course, catching her was the hardest thing. After a while, the team managed to get her into the net to catch animals. Then, the mother dog and her children were brought out of the swamp.

The team took them to a warmer and more comfortable place. They call the mother dog Alice and her three pups Brownie, Dark, and Lanya. Honestly, the puppies are adorable. Alice is fed on a regular basis to get enough milk for her children.

The people there also provided some toys for the puppies. Two weeks later, Alice was bred and her puppies were vaccinated. Now they are safe. And the team can be glad that they saved a family of dogs out of danger.

Through the story, we know that there are many dogs out there that need our help. Share this video to encourage people to save animals, especially stray dogs.

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