Mother Dog Has No Idea Why She And Her Babies Were Dumped At Shelter

Melody was given to a Texas animal shelter last month, yet another unwanted pup discarded by her owner, and no one knows what her previous life was like. However, the dog’s weak and malnourished state suggested that she had lived a life of neglect.

It’s clear, though, what motivated Melody to overcome the difficult situation she’d found herself in.


Melody had recently given birth to a litter of ten gorgeous puppies, and she and her brood were both surrendered to the shelter.

Despite the fact that she was dangerously underweight, Melody had made sure her children were well-fed.


Upon learning of Melody’s situation and seeing her sad, soulful eyes, Patti Dawson, who runs Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform, was moved to save her.

My friend who works at the shelter sent me her picture because she knows I have a soft spot for shelter mommies,” Dawson told The Dodo. “I couldn’t get Melody and her puppies out of my head. Her determination to survive and care for her offspring, despite her extreme thinness, is remarkable.”

As soon as it happened, Dawson volunteered to assist.


There were few options for Melody at the shelter because she was a mother pit bull; after her pups were weaned, her days were numbered.

‘She was approaching her deadline,’ Dawson added. “To that end, I made a public request for help on FB in search of a foster family. For her and the puppies, we had a foster who stepped up.”

And it was at that point that things began to shift.


She changed physically and spiritually as soon as she moved into her new foster family.

She was confident in her own safety, as well as the safety of her offspring.

Dawson described them as “thriving.” “There is a noticeable weight gain in Melody as she adjusts to her new home. Her litters are healthy and well-built. The changeover went smoothly.”


Dallas DogRRR will eventually be able to place Melody and her puppies for adoption, thanks to the generosity of individuals who gave them a second chance. However, Melody’s tale is not an isolated one.

In shelters across the country, there are many mother dogs and their puppies who are waiting to be adopted.

H/T: The DoDo