Mother dog rushed to help the rescue team dig up the rubble to free the buried children

For a mother, nothing is more important than the safety of her children, and this is no exception for mothers from the animal kingdom.

When Animal Aid Unlimited, a leading street animal rescue center in India, received a call that a mother dog and her puppies were in danger, several rescuers came to help them.

When they arrived at the scene, they found the mother dog crying frantically. As it turned out, her kids were buried and trapped after a house collapsed in the rain. The house was completely destroyed, so rescuers feared that her children might not be alive.

But with her maternal instincts, the mother dog must have been able to hear or feel that her puppies are still alive. She resolved to notify the rescue team and begged them to save her children.

Rescuers followed her lead and began digging through the rubble to free the pups. She realized that her babies could suffocate at any moment, so she decided to dig with the rescuer. She used her paws to dig, bite into rocks, and teared up rubble.

Fortunately, rescuers found the babies, and they were still alive. They took them out and put them in the care of the mother. They moved the whole family to a safe place near the old house. The mother dog was very excited to see her pups.

You will never forget this incredible video about the happy rescue and unstoppable love of a mother. Whether animals or humans, a mother will always be a mother! A big thank you to these wonderful people for helping this beautiful mom and her puppies!