Mysterious Cat Starts Visiting Couple When They Need It Most

It was as though he was aware of our hurt hearts.

Lisi Pickell was in a vulnerable position following a year of personal tragedy when she met the little eyes of the person who was gazing at her from her yard. Making new acquaintances wasn’t her main concern as she settled into her new home in Florida and mourned the recent deaths of her father, stepfather, and German shepherd.

A cute black cat was, nevertheless, sleeping across the graves of a small pet cemetery. Pickell and her spouse were in disbelief.

Pickell told The Dodo, “That first morning transformed our lives.” We were astounded to see him just sitting atop the graves and gazing at us. The fact that our German, my dad, and step-dad were still alive, in our opinion, was a sign from God.


The cat immediately showed trust and kindness as Pickell approached him. Despite not knowing where he came from, she felt so much better having an animal nearby.

He was either a stray or a cat that got allowed out to play, according to Pickell.


Pickell and her husband eventually found out that the Frank-named cat belonged to their new neighbors. The neighbors were delighted to share their pet because Frank was giving the couple so much happiness. Every day, the preferred person is discussed between the two houses.

Every night, Pickell added, “we text each other.”


As the weeks passed, Frank kept consoling the couple in unexpectedly astute ways. Frank realized Pickell required more love after losing one of her closest pals.

Pickell stepped in to feed the dog, but the animal started rubbing my legs instead. “When I put his food down, he stood up on his hind legs, seized my leg with his front arms, and pressed his side of his face on mine firmly while purring so loudly. I was depressed, and he knew it. I’ll always remember that great moment because it was so amazing!


Watch Pickell and Frank’s adventure here:

Pickell and her husband are incredibly moved by Frank’s presence in their lives and thankful that he has provided them with the comfort they needed. Frank, who blatantly adores them, is undoubtedly joyful as well.

Pickell recalled, “Once Frank came into our lives, we finally started laughing again. It seemed as if he had magically appeared and started dancing into our life, bringing joy to everyone. He is like this small gift of love and healing that was sent directly from Heaven.