Nervous Senior Dog Lights Up When He Realizes Stranger Is Actually His Favorite Human

It was simply very heartwarming.

Kodiak was cautious not to approach the stranger in his home too hastily as he observed him. The senior dog is getting older and has begun to struggle with recall. He also takes a bit longer to do some tasks.


Fortunately, Kodiak still has a good nose, and when he gave the woman a whiff, he immediately recognized her. Megan Hill, who had lived in Kodiak since she was in the ninth grade, was there to see her family. The dog immediately lost his guard and placed his head in her hand, his whole body wagging with delight.


You may see a video of their reunion that Hill shared here:

Hill told The Dodo, “With his age, he sometimes forgets my brother and I since we don’t live with my parents and can’t visit as frequently as we would like. “It was just really, really gratifying when he did understand that it was me.”


Kodiak was rescued by Hill’s family when he was just 9 months old. Initially scared of males, nervous Kodiak soon warmed to each family member.

For him to trust my dad, it took months, according to Hill.


Kodiak was the missing piece that Hill’s family had been searching for until he felt secure enough to show off his endearing quirkiness.

Nothing except pure delight is going on in his brain, according to Hill. “In the 13 years that we’ve had him, he is very funny and has given our family so many laughter and memories.”


Hill is content for times like this even if she finds it hard to realize that her beloved pet is aging. Kodiak still recognizes his best friend when he scents her, even though it might take him a bit longer to realize it.

The fact that it took him this long to recognize me for the first time made Hill unhappy. But even though they were sad, those welcomes are something I will never ever forget.