Nice Mailman Delivers Joy Each Morning To Cat Who’s His Biggest Fan

“I appreciate their friendship a lot,”

This particular postal worker delivers something much more warmly accepted in addition to the collection of mail, bills, and goods he regularly leaves off each day along his route.

He makes Zeppelin, a gorgeous cat, happy.


Zeppelin first became aware of a frequent occurrence at home about a year ago. A blue-clad man would show up at the front door at the same time every morning and smuggle mail through the mail slot, giving Zeppelin paper toys to play with.

When the mailman saw that Zeppelin had turned his regular deliveries into a game, he started to make it even more enjoyable for him. From then, a sweet friendship developed.


Zeppelin watches by the window and rushes to the door as soon as he sees the mailman coming down the street. The Dodo was informed by Zeppelin’s owner, Marisa Jaffe. Highlight of his morning without a doubt!

Watch Zeppelin and the mailman in action in the following clip:

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The cat receives a huge, joyful boost when the mailman arrives with his carefully positioned deliveries designed with Zeppelin in mind.

Zeppelin is as spirited and amusing as he appears, according to Jaffe.


Bringing a little happiness to a random cat on his route is undoubtedly an amusing highlight for the mailman of his morning as well. Jaffe cannot not but smile as he observes them enjoying their beautiful routine.

Jaffe expressed his gratitude for their friendship. And as a result, I now get along well with the mailman.