Nice Whale Returns Phone Woman Accidentally Dropped Into Sea

We nearly didn’t believe what we seen.

A beluga whale wearing a harness made an enigmatic appearance in the open waters near Hammerfest, Norway, a few weeks ago.

The whale’s origins are unclear, but it’s assumed that the Russian navy, from which he had seemingly deserted, trained him. Since being released from the harness, he has remained close by.

But recently, it was found that the whale actually had a very compassionate nature!

Ina Mansika and her companions decided to visit the shoreline the other day when they were out and about in Hammerfest to see if they could find the purported former spy. Then something truly remarkable occurred.

The beluga whale wasn’t just there to welcome them; he also helped out when Mansika got into trouble.

Mansika told The Dodo, “We laid down on the pier to look at it and possibly get the chance to pat it. “My phone went into the water because I failed to zip up the pocket on my jacket. When the whale dove back down and reappeared moments later carrying my phone in its jaws, we thought it had vanished forever.”

This amazing event is captured on video:

Mansika was taken aback.

“Everyone was quite shocked. Nearly not believing what we witnessed “She spoke. “I was really grateful and overjoyed to have my phone back.”

Mansika was grateful despite the phone’s inability to function due to water damage: “I love animals!” she said. The whale is incredibly kind.

Given his apparent training, it’s unclear if the beluga whale is too acclimated to humans to survive in the wild on his own, but authorities claim they are acting in his best interests. He would be transferred to an Icelandic refuge, according to the Washington Post, as a considerate gesture toward someone who has already demonstrated the same.