Orphaned Children Had No One to Turn To Until Stray Dogs Took Care of Them

A remarkable tale of love triumphing over adversity: Orphaned youngsters of Bangladesh form homes with stray dogs and provide them with their meager resources in exchange for companionship, security, and warmth.

Sam Edmonds, a photographer and animal rights activist, visited the region in Bangladesh and saw something astonishing.

The children and dogs that had wandered into the Robindra Shorbod park in Dhaka had created an improvised family.

Those who did not return to their tin shacks at night slept with their dogs to remain warm.

Since the country’s former practice of dog culling – in which stray animals are inhumanely exterminated for fear of spreading rabies – became outlawed in November of last year, this atypical partnership has become conceivable.

According to Bark Post, the animal welfare organization Obhoyaronno manages the stray dog population using a Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release program. Life is difficult for stray dogs in Dhaka, and because they are accustomed to neglect and cruelty, they become shy and fearful.