Owner Nearly Died From Laughter After Realizing How His Dog Got His New Smile

The owner of Pandora, a goofy dog, could not stop giggling when he saw what his pet had dug up in the backyard and consumed. “I was unable to determine what it was, so I called her in. “I nearly died with laughter when I lifted her head,” Lucas Alves Magalhes of Sao Paulo, Brazil, told The Dodo. They were false teeth!

Pandora, the rescue dog, has always been renowned for her love of digging, but her most recent discovery was something entirely different. “An older couple formerly owned this home, and I believe the false teeth belonged to them,” he stated. They may have replaced their false teeth and buried this one in the backyard. There is no alternative explanation because I know it’s not our fault.”

Magalhes removed Pandora’s teeth before she became accustomed to them, after taking a few amusing photographs of the cute canine with the grooviest smile.

How revolting and amusing at the same time… Thank you, Pandora, your witty grin brightened our day!