Parrot Lands On Reporter’s Shoulder — Then Robs Him On Live TV

He failed to anticipate that.

Recently, while reporting on a recent heist in Chile, journalist Nicolás Krumm unintentionally became the victim of one himself.

In this scenario, a bird was the real bad guy.


While Krumm’s story on news channel CHV Noticias was being filmed, a passing parrot apparently spotted an opportunity for unjust gain. She then seized it.

The bird rested gently on Krumm’s shoulder after flying in. However, it didn’t last long as a Disney princess moment.

The parrot then abruptly seized the earpiece Krumm was wearing before scurrying away.

The little bird committed the most outrageous crime, especially considering that it was all caught on camera.

She didn’t appear to be sorry, though.


Fortunately, Krumm handled the incident with grace and finished presenting his report. Later, with the cameraman’s assistance, Krumm was able to locate his stolen earpiece that had been dropped nearby.

But the parrot is still evading capture.