People Are Crying Happy Tears Watching This Lost Dog Finally Find His Family

This adorable puppy named Conway went missing from his home in Highlands County, Florida, in November. His family searched everywhere for him, but he was unfortunately nowhere to be found.

Before long, days became weeks, and then weeks became months, and the poor puppy was still missing.

The caring presence of Conway became a bittersweet memory for his family. However, this would not continue forever.

This week, exactly 10 months after Conway’s disappearance, a malnourished and fatigued stray dog was discovered strolling alone down a city street. He was captured and sent to the animal services unit of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

At the moment, nobody knew where the puppy originated or how much he would be missed.

Obviously, the disheveled canine was unable to describe his background or identity. However, he did carry the response with him.

Conway was implanted with a microchip, and after a simple scan, officials had all the information they needed to notify his family.

Their many months of agony came to an end shortly thereafter. The reunion was planned to take place at the sheriff’s department. Finally, Conway was at home.

It was an emotional conclusion to Conway and his family’s suffering, yet they were not the only ones to shed happy tears. After the reunion video was released online, total strangers couldn’t resist joining in.

“I cried while viewing this video,” remarked one commenter.

“That literally made my eyes run down my face,” commented another.

Conway’s rescuers were overjoyed to see the situation rectified and a family’s broken heart mend.

Scott Dressel of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office told The Dodo that the Animal Services Unit’s first objective is to restore animals to their owners or, if that’s not possible, to find them a new home. Every time we accomplish this, it’s a victory, but this one stands out for everyone.