People Are Touched By Man’s Act Of Kindness To Dragonfly During Baseball Game

I still smile as a result of that.

This week’s big league baseball game in Cleveland, Ohio was attended by Reddit user “Nic” and a few pals. However, the experience’s most memorable moment was unrelated to sports by a wide margin.

They saw the pinnacle of bromance there.


That day was unusually windy, and as Nic and her group settled in to watch the game, they observed a specific someone struggling against the wind.

Nic informed The Dodo that a large dragonfly was circling our seats. “I can still hear myself thinking, “What a powerhouse! What a good workout that little aircraft is getting in all this wind!” The dragonfly was undoubtedly exerting a lot of effort.”

It initially appeared as though the exhausted insect would not be able to locate a secure location for her wings to rest due to the crowded stadium. But as fatigue set in, she apparently made the decision to take a chance since she came to land atop the calf of the man seated in front of Nic.


It turned out that the dragonfly had chosen the ideal perch for her since she was exhausted.

Contrary to what most people would do, the man maintained his composure and was extremely accommodating.

The dragonfly lingered there unwinding as each inning ended. Her new acquaintance made sure to greet her throughout the entire time.


The man holding the dragonfly essentially stood still during the game as the rest of the spectators jumped up and down with excitement so as not to scare the tiny insect away.

Nic noticed a beer vendor that people could go have a drink from at one point. I’d gladly accept a beer, but only if you can come to me, the man in front of her yelled. As you can see, I am currently immobile. This tiny creature is taking a nap.

Nic remarked, “He was really concerned about the dragonfly’s welfare.


The majority of the game was spent in this sweet little setting. Around this time, the winds had finally subsided enough for the dragonfly to resume her flight and continue on her journey, undoubtedly revitalized as a result of the man’s thoughtful action.

We all noticed when the dragonfly eventually took flight, Nic commented. Everyone exclaimed, “Ahh,” especially the man himself.

Certain individuals may not consider insects to be deserving of kindness or even a second thought. Nic will never forget seeing someone who is obviously feeling the opposite, though.

She added, “The man showed such a straightforward act of friendship to a small creature and asked for nothing in return.” I still smile as a result of that.