People Running Race Can’t Resist Corgi On The Sidelines

When there is a CORGI, who cares about winning?

Be prepared to fall in love with Max, a corgi.

Even people with the highest degrees of self-control and self-discipline would struggle to resist the little dog’s strange allures, his charmingly floofy body luring belly rubs like a lovely Siren’s song.


Max was one of the spectators at the Crescent City Classic, a 10-kilometer event that was conducted in New Orleans, last weekend. He was there to support the gym members who were competing alongside his father, Colin, and their friend Mary Jacobs.

Max started to appear a little fatigued at one point, so Colin lifted him up, which led to the cutest reaction.

According to Jacobs, “people started offering belly pets at that point.” “It was entirely impromptu!”

Here is a video of the incident:

Indeed, for the little time that Colin was holding Max, his stomach acted as a running magnet.

He received belly scratches throughout, according to Jacobs. It was amusing to observe individuals practically extend their finishing times for a pet.

Everyone enjoyed it, including Max.

After meeting Max, each runner still had a ways to go until the race was over, but it’s safe to argue that they all already won in a sense.