People Show Up To Save This Pittie … But She’s Not Alone

“I just walked up to her and grabbed her. It was as if she knew I would come to her rescue.”

Starling and her two puppies were tired when rescuer Suzette Hall found them. She had been left alone, so she took very good care of herself and her new babies while still hoping that her family would come back.


Someone who wanted to help saw the dogs alone and called Hall, who started Logan’s Legacy Rescue. When Hall got there, she was surprised by how the mother dog acted.

Hall took her dog for a walk back to her car. She was surprised when both puppies ran right after them.


The longtime rescuer took the three pit bulls to the vet, and the puppies went to live with a foster family right away.

Hall told The Dodo, “She just let me walk right up to her and take her.” “It was as if she knew I was there to save her.”


Hall took Starling to the foster home where the puppies were staying after she left the vet. It was the sweetest reunion ever.

Hall said, “They were all so happy.” She played with her puppies as if they were her best friends.

Starling and her puppies stayed in the foster home for a while before she was given to a new family.


Starling’s new foster parents didn’t take long to fall in love with her. And Starling fell in love with the life she was meant to have all along.

Hall said, “They took her to movies in the park, out to lunch, and for walks on the beach.” “They even made her meals at home and took her on road trips.”


Starling’s parents decided quickly to adopt her and make her a part of their family for life. Her puppies were also taken in by new families, and now all three pit bulls are doing well in their new homes.

Hall misses Starling and her puppies, but she is so happy that their story has the best ending.

Hall said, “I’m so glad that everything worked out so well.” “They’re living the dream and smiling the whole time.”