Photographer Captured An Adorable Laughing Dormouse Perched On A Flower

Spring is almost upon us, and if there is one shot that makes us look forward to spring, this is it!

Andrea Zampatti’s photograph of “The Laughing Dormouse” was named a winner in the On Land category of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The small creature is captured grinning with joy as it lazes on a flower. It’s tough not to smile in response to this lovely photograph.

Whether the mouse is actually laughing or just yawning, the perfectly timed picture is cute.

It is precisely what we need to see in the final days of winter to lift our spirits and prepare us for pleasant spring evenings.

Zampatti captures a wide variety of wildlife, not simply cute mice.

The self-proclaimed “nature lover” pictures a wide range of creatures in the Northern Hemisphere.

Zampatti has a talent for capturing wildlife during their most charming moments, as seen in this photo of a curious bear in Finland waiting for a hug, and this cheeky-looking wapiti in Yellowstone National Park with its tongue out.

Zampatti appears to be particularly adept at photographing wildlife in its most charming moments; here are some further images demonstrating his photographic abilities and the beauty of our wildlife: