Photographer captures final photos of the “Queen of Elephants”

In a lifetime spent surrounded by majestic African elephants, Will Burrard-Lucas a photographer engaged in photographing animals living in their natural habitat had the chance to meet and photograph F_MU1, better known as the Queen of Elephants. This was during her final days in Tsavo near Kenya.

He has started work there and was already in charge of painting elephants.

During his stay, he heard about known as the Queen of Elephants. It was said that she was indeed gentle and magnificent.

They searched for her for a long time, and then that moment came.

After a few, he saw her from behind in a bush. moments she came out of there and the photographer was stunned. As he states, When he first saw her, it was like a relic from ancient times. She radiated with dignity and had incredibly large tusks that touched the ground as she stood on her feet in front of him-no matter how helpless we all are at some points or other in our lives!

They spent the day together, she even took them to the place where she was bathing and waited in line for her turn that afternoon.

These images have special meanings, each on their own. The true greatness of this woman can be observed from the wrinkles in her skin or from the scars she received as proof of her struggle against anything and everything for these long periods of time she has managed to survive at.

After Will recorded the wonderful moments of Queen Amelia, she failed to last much longer. A couple weeks later she passed away and left us with these photos that hold indescribably great meaning because they’re so raw and real from one animal’s life experience- it’s not hard for you or me at all!

She is the subject of Will’s book, which is called Land of Giants. It goes over some years in Twaso Kenya’s history.

Thanks to Tsavo Trust and Kenyan Wildlife Services, for her incredible and long life, who did everything they could to provide these magnificent creatures with a lovely existence.

As Will puts it, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him as a photographer who specializes in photographing wild animals. He can’t believe that he was the one to experience such a thing.

Every day is a special time when you get to go out and photograph something so magnificent that few photographers have ever had the privilege of experiencing before. The time spent was incredible and was very special for Burrard Lucas. As Burrard Lucas says, was a privilege.

On Will Burrard-Lucas’ blog, there’s a lot more information about all of this.

At the end, Land of Giants is a sum of all its parts. Many enormous elephants from Tsavo are addressed in that book.

For more information and photographs about everything, check out Will Burrard-Lucas’s website and social networks.